The Stepsister

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The Stepsister


The Stepsister

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One of the most pathetic entries in the Fatal Attraction-derived someone-close-to-you-is-a-raging-psychotic genre, The Stepsister concerns a psychology graduate student (Lynda Boyd) who inexplicably still lives with her father, kindly old doctor Alan Rachins. After mom dies, Rachins takes up with Linda Evans, a vaguely creepy golddigger. Soon, Evans and Rachins marry, and Evans' daughter, Bridgette Wilson (I Know What You Did Last Summer), moves in with them. In no time, depraved sex kitten Wilson has seduced Boyd's boyfriend, has alienated all of Boyd's friends, and seems to be plotting to seduce Rachins. Needless to say, she does not make a very good impression with her new stepsister. Soon Wilson kills off Rachins, and kills her own mother for good measure, framing Boyd. The cast gives uniformly zombie-like performances, making the already bland Stepsister an even more egregious waste of videotape.

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