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A.V. Undercover 2013: Watch the recap and vote for your favorites

Vote early, vote often.

About This Episode

Another season of Undercover is in the books, and since The A.V. Club values democracy so highly, we’re opening the polls to see what you think the year’s best performances were. Here's how the voting will work: You must be a registered user. Because we know how painful it will be to choose just one favorite, you’ll pick up to five. Your top choice will get 5 points, your second choice 4 points, and so on. You'll be able to vote more than once, but only your latest vote will count toward the tally. We included all the Summer and other bonus episodes this time, so there are 37 to choose from. Voting will end October 29. The winner will receive nothing except bragging rights. Feel free to make up your own special categories in the comments section. Winners will be announced next week.

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