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Bob Mould "covers" Sugar

When is a cover not a cover?

About This Episode

When we saw that Bob Mould was coming through Chicago, we couldn't resist inviting him in to perform his own song: "If I Can't Change Your Mind" from Sugar's classic 1992 debut, Copper Blue. Mould, who also fronted the legendary Husker Du, just released his autobiography, See A Little Light. He's had an amazing career that just continues to bloom, and it's a fascinating journey to read about. (You knew he was a writer for World Championship Wrestling, right?) Anyway, the big question here was whether this performance should count as a cover, since Mould wrote it. We decided to let Bob figure that out, though based on his self-deprecating interview—he couldn't have been more gracious or fun at this taping—it's not exactly clear what the answer was. (And, in fairness to you, viewers, we've got a great surprise coming next week.)

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