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Coheed And Cambria covers The Smiths

The progressive-rocking New Yorkers strip way down and get gentle with The Smiths.

About This Episode

We were pitching Coheed And Cambria's publicist on a different band for Undercover when he mentioned that the prog-metal champs might be up for it. Shrinking the New York band's huge sound down to a manageable size for our little room seemed like a challenge too potentially interesting to resist--and shrink down they did. Singer-guitarist Claudio Sanchez and guitarist Travis Stever brought a gentleness to The Smiths' semi-deep cut "A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours." Coincidentally, Coheed had already covered a song from our list, Journey's "Faithfully," in the past. But here they took one of the most challenging songs from Undercover and made it their own, partially as a gift to their manager, who's a big fan of the song. Coheed's latest disc is Year Of The Black Rainbow.

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