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Cursive and Cymbals Eat Guitars cover Gin Blossoms

Tomorrow we could drive around this town

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When Cursive stopped by the round room, very early in season one of A.V. Undercover, to destroy and reclaim Starship's cheese-rock anthem "We Built This City," you commenters reacted poorly. ("Why?" we all wondered aloud. "Do they think that song deserves some kid-gloves treatment?") Cymbals Eat Guitars came in later that year to sanctify and glorify Superchunk's "Detroit Has A Skyline." Since we're big fans of both bands but also big fans of not having the same bands in here over and over (Wye Oak excepted), we asked Cursive and Cymbals Eat Guitars to form a one-off supergroup, and they accepted the challenge. The newly monikered Cursive Eats Guitars tackled the early-'90s smash hit "Hey Jealousy," by Gin Blossoms. We're still not sure if this is a good song or just a catchy song, but either way we think you'll enjoy this very rocking version.

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