Field Report frontman Chris Porterfield cut his teeth in the band DeYarmond Edison, whose members have gone on to form Bon Iver (yup, Justin Vernon) and the slightly less massive Megafaun. Porterfield wasn't a songwriter in his old band, but he mustered up some tunes over the last few years and just released his new band's self-titled album. It's a fantastic, downbeat collection that Bon Iver fans should find something to love in. Though the record just came out, Field Report has already toured with Counting Crows and Aimee Mann, among others. The song they're covering is "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens, another lone troubadour who likes to bolster his live sound with lots of able musicians. Field Report added some aggression (just a little) and wiggly synth sounds for this rendition. Though it's airing second-to-last, the band didn't actually have a choice. (Long story, I'll explain next week--the last Undercover of this series, and the last EVER in the little round room!)