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Fruit Bats cover "The Other Woman" by Loretta Lynn

A return engagement from The Fruit Bats.

About This Episode

Because we are loathe to offer you repeat performers (excepting the exceptional Wye Oak), we've tried to bring all new bands to Undercover this year. But because of some van trouble, a band that shall remain nameless couldn't make their appointment with the round room. But in stepped the lovely voice and sunny personality of Eric Johnson and The Fruit Bats--or a stripped-down version thereof. You'll find this trio (which includes guest Dan Hindman of Vetiver) a different animal than the full outfit that covered Hall & Oates for us last year. Johnson hadn't heard "The Other Woman" (which was written by Betty Sue Perry and made famous-ish by Loretta Lynn) before accepting the challenge of the final slot, but he nailed it just the same. Enjoy! At some point this week we'll be asking you to vote on your favorite Undercover of the year...

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