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Leighton Meester covers The Cardigans
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For five years, Leighton Meester played Blair Waldorf, the Upper East Side socialite Gossip Girl fans hated then loved. Fans rooted for Waldorf’s kinky but loving relationship with devious Chuck Bass and wondered how—seriously, how?—Blake Lively’s Serena had managed to land at the center of the show’s initial existence when—again, seriously—Blair was, like, so much better. Three years after Gossip Girl’s satisfying end, Meester is making a living in other fields. She did Broadway, playing Curley’s wife in the James Franco/Chris O’Dowd adaptation of Of Mice And Men. Along with 99 other actors and celebrities, she’s narrating part of Unity, Shaun Monson’s upcoming film about global connectivity. And, last October, Meester released her debut solo LP, Heartstrings. She stopped by the office earlier this year while on tour for that release to cover The Cardigans’ 1996 worldwide hit “Lovefool.”