We had already captured Mac McCaughan and Kelly Hogan's Jonathan Richman cover on top of a double-decker tourist bus, and there was 15 minutes or so left on our trip. Instead of just kicking back and enjoying the sights, the duo busted out an impromptu cover of Nick Gilder's 1978 hit "Hot Child In The City" with such expertise, you'd think they had rehearsed it. (Me holding up the lyrics on my phone for Mac to read might be a giveaway that they hadn't, though.) The song is a little bit creepy—Gilder claimed he was "writing from the perspective of a lecher," thereby deflecting the idea that he himself might be interested in teenage prostitutes. But hey, it's a great pop song either way, and Mac and Kelly knock it out of the park again. On the top of a bus. Consider this a bonus track—we've got two more Summer Undercovers coming up this week, both awesome, and then next week we're back to the regular series. Enjoy.