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Matt Nathanson covers "Little Red Corvette" by Prince

Matt Nathanson tries to match Prince's funk for "Little Red Corvette."

About This Episode

It might seem like singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson came out of nowhere with "Come On Get Higher"--a song that's graced many a TV show--but he's been releasing albums since the early '90s, flirting with big success for years and years. In recent years, he's toured with everyone from Sugarland to Maroon 5, which makes him perhaps the most mainstream artist ever to grace our round room. But that doesn't mean Nathanson doesn't have great taste: His repertoire of covers includes a bunch of Prince songs, plus a bang-up version of James' "Laid." Here, he tackles "Little Red Corvette," acknowledging upfront that he doesn't have quite the funk of the song's originator, but nailing it just the same. Nathanson's latest album is Modern Love.

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