Fate landed Doug Sohn (proprietor of the world’s greatest encased meat emporium, Hot Doug’s), Mike Kinsella (of Cap’n Jazz, Joan Of Arc, and sole proprietor of the band Owen), and me at the same dinner table a couple of months ago. (The occasion: The Graham Elliot third anniversary dinner. Yum.) Undercover: Summer Break was just an idea at that point, but we immediately hatched a plan to shoot a song at the restaurant (which Anthony Bourdain proclaimed one of “13 places to eat before you die”). We offered to come in after hours, since Hot Doug’s is pretty much always packed, but the ever-affable Sohn thought it would be more fun if we filmed while the restaurant was bustling—and he treated us to delicious sausages. The background noise adds some cool layers to Kinsella’s sweet, acoustic version of Jane’s Addiction’s “Summertime Rolls.”