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Reggie Watts covers Van Halen

Need some facts about the Central American nation of Panama? Look to Reggie Watts' take on the Van Halen classic.

About This Episode

If Reggie Watts can be counted on for anything, it’s taking a different approach. The comedian/musician or musician/comedian—let’s just say “ performer”—doesn’t do traditional stand-up comedy, so we knew that, when he came in to perform Van Halen’s “Panama,” we wouldn’t get an especially faithful version of it. The question was just how far afield he’d travel in our little round room. He didn’t disappoint: In Watts’ hands, “Panama” is actually an ode to the Central American country, helpfully dispelling some myths and explaining how its namesake canal works. He tells us his version comes from early demos of the song Van Halen recorded, and who can argue? The chorus is basically the same.

Check out Reggie Watts on the new Comedy Bang! Bang! series, debuting Friday, June 8 at 10 p.m. EDT on IFC. Watts' CD/DVD, A Live At Central Park, is also out now. 

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