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A.V. Undercover: Summer Break

Rogue Wave covers Duran Duran

Avast, ye scurvy dogs, it's time for indie rock.

About This Episode

It might seem like we were tempting fate by inviting Rogue Wave—a band named after a phenomenon that sinks ships—out onto the water for Undercover Summer Break, but that's just the kind of risk-takers we are. On an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon in June, the band joined a good chunk of the Onion Inc. office on the Tall Ship Windy for a sail on Lake Michigan. And there's no more appropriate song for a band to play on a massive sailboat than Duran Duran's "Rio." Rogue Wave also played a few more songs for us, including their own "Lake Michigan," appropriately enough. Hopefully we'll have video of those in the next few weeks as well. Rogue Wave's latest album Nightingale Floors is the band's best since its excellent debut. Special thanks to the folks on the Tall Ship Windy for hosting us.

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