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Savoir Adore covers New Radicals

Don't give up.

About This Episode

The core of Savoir Adore is guitarist Paul Hammer and keyboardist Deidre Muro, who’ve been making sweet music together since 2007. On tour, they’re joined by a full backing band—and they frequently work covers into their sets. (They’ve been known to do “Hold Me Now” by the Thompson Twins.) Here, they latched on to the super sweetness of “You Get What You Give” by one-hit wonder New Radicals. The song was ubiquitous in 1998 and years beyond; anybody who was conscious in the late ’90s will remember its earworm-y chorus. Savoir Adore had the good sense not to try and re-create the sorta-rap at the end of the song. The Brooklyn band’s latest album is Our Nature.

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