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A.V. Undercover: Summer Break

Scott Lucas & The Married Men cover Bananarama 

Leaving me here on my own

About This Episode

Scott Lucas found some fame as half of Local H in the mid-'90s, scoring an alt-radio hit with "Bound For The Floor." But the Chicago-based rocker has done plenty since, including a handful of Local H albums and a couple of side projects, including Scott Lucas And The Married Men--whose six-person lineup is a far cry from his duo days. It's slightly shocking that nobody had chosen Bananarama's classic "Cruel Summer" for Undercover Summer Break until now, and Lucas and his band own it--adding some metallic flavor to the melancholy pop hit. (Perhaps you've seen it in The Karate Kid?) We filmed the band at Novelty Golf on Chicago's northwest side, an old-school miniature golf course with batting cages and an adjoining snack shack called the Bunny Hutch. Thanks to the Novelty Golf folks for having us.

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