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Telekinesis covers Belle & Sebastian

The Seattle trio scrunches up Scottish sweetness.

About This Episode

Is Michael Benjamin Lerner our first drummer/lead singer? He just might be. The Telekinesis mainman released his second album, 12 Desperate Straight Lines, earlier this year, and it was once again expertly produced by Death Cab For Cutie's Chris Walla--and performed largely by Lerner himself. But you can't fuzz-pop that hard by yourself, so Lerner recruited Jason Narducy (who's played in both Bob Mould and Robert Pollard's bands, in addition to Verbow) and Cody Votolato (who used to tear it up in Blood Brothers) for his most recent live lineup. Together, they brought a bit of crunch to Belle & Sebastian's fantastic tale of... love? Paranoia? Anyway, "Like Dylan In The Movies" and Telekinesis. Together at last.

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