We scooted the Undercover schedule around a bit because the British band Wang Chung seemed like a perfect fit for 1983 Week, which is what we're celebrating around here. The band—which has always revolved around Nick Feldman and Jack Hues—wrote some of its biggest and best songs in 1983, including the classic "Dance Hall Days" (which was released on 1984's Points On The Curve). We were surprised and delighted that the recently reignited group approached us about doing a song for Undercover, and even more surprised and delighted that they chose Modest Mouse's "Third Planet" to cover. (Feldman told us that his son is a big Modest Mouse fan, which went into the decision.) Wang Chung stopped by our office in the midst of a short U.S. tour behind last year's Tazer Up! It wasn't the first cover they'd done, either: Below you'll find a clip from a British TV show on which Wang Chung covers Nelly's "Hot In Herre." (We like their Modest Mouse cover better.)