Welcome to the fourth year of A.V. Undercover—we're delighted to be back and delighted that you've decided to join us for another round of covers. But one thing that isn't round (amazing segue!) is the room: We sadly left the round room behind at our old office, and though we briefly considered fabricating a new one, we thought we'd just start fresh instead. And fresh it is! We're sharing a large new studio with our brothers and sisters at The Onion, and Chicago poster artist Jay Ryan created an amazing new backdrop for us in one corner of that studio. (You'll be able to buy posters of it from him soon, too.) First up, we were honored and thrilled that the legendary Yo La Tengo was able to inaugurate the new space. The New Jersey band, which had just started a tour behind its excellent new Fade, has done a ton of covers over the years, and this one—of the Holland-Dozier-Holland composition "Come See About Me," made most famous by The Supremes—ranks among the best (in one man's humble opinion). Please enjoy, and prepare yourself for a total of 37 Undercover episodes between now and October, including 10 summer installments, and a special theme week in addition to the 25 songs from the main list.