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This exclusive clip from Shudder's The Beach House is not for the squeamish

Illustration for article titled This exclusive clip from Shuddersi The Beach House/i is not for the squeamish
Photo: Shudder

Eco-horror is having a moment—rightfully so, given the state of the planet. Earlier this year, Color Out Of Space and Sea Fever played on anxieties about contaminated water supplies and sinister creatures lurking at the bottom of the ocean, and this week those fears reach land as The Beach House debuts on Shudder.


As in Color Out Of Space, the mysterious beasties that beset vacationing couples Randall and Emily (Noah Le Gros and Liana Liberato) and Mitch and Jane (Jake Weber and Maryann Nagel) after washing up on the shore of Randall’s family beach house produce shimmering, cosmic visions that would be beautiful, if they weren’t so unnatural. But their toxic effects work differently—and horrifyingly, as you can see in the exclusive clip below.

If you’ve got a weird thing about foot trauma (it’s okay, everybody has their thing), it may be best to skip the clip, which features Randall preparing to confront a changed Jane and Emily colliding with this alien undersea presence in gruesome body-horror fashion. Of course, some will take that as a dare—which, to be fair, is also our intention. Enjoy (?)

The Beach House is streaming now, exclusively on Shudder.

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