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Oh, the final couple episodes of Jekyll are a complete mess. But what an entertaining mess, and with the courage of its own batshit convictions!

I’ve never properly watched through TNG in the way I have DS9 and (for some stupid reason, though I do like it) Enterprise, so I have some gaps I still need to fill in there. I kinda like having some territory still uncharted, honestly.

Right, and just to drive my point home, Chibnall *isn’t* Davies, nor is he Moffat, nor anyone other than himself. I just don’t think there’s much to be gained from comparing how different showrunners have approached things, as there isn’t one right way to run things. The fact Moffat managed a near-perfect season out Read more

I’ve more than earned my reputation as The Internet’s Foremost Moffat Who Liker, and I think he’s pretty much acknowledged that what rogar131 said is accurate: He had a plan for a season and a companion for years, and series 5 and Amy Pond were the realization of that. Read more

I think I learned the word from a book on Monty Python, so there’s an excellent chance I don’t.

I’m much higher on the non-Chibnall episodes than you are, but yeah, my five least favorite episodes of the season are all the ones he had sole credit on.

“The Unquiet Dead” is the other historical episode that comes close to capturing an actually historical vibe, a lot of which is on the strength of Simon Callow’s Charles Dickens. That and “Vincent and the Doctor” are really strong character pieces, as are all this season’s historicals, but yeah they’re missing that Read more

Yep, right you are. I’ll go fix, thanks!

This is a pretty lovely and comprehensive tribute to all that has made io9 great, and I’m honestly fine being left off of it because (a) damn, 2012 was a long-ass time ago and (b) I’d be the first to say I don’t belong on any list of the site’s greatest writers, with my work mostly coming in at “eh, maybe a shade Read more

Not sure about anything else, but I demand Rasheed Wallace for the Bill Murray role.

I appreciate that I (or at least 2010 I) have been called in as an expert witness for the most important debate in the internet's history. Now, uh, would someone please tell me what the hell's going on? Read more

My sincere apologies for my slapdash photo-crediting; I should have been more careful when I originally wrote this three years ago. Indeed, because it's been so long since I wrote the post, and because the io9 publishing software has since changed, I can't actually update this post without removing the image. All in Read more

Unless you generate a new, distinct IP address every time you hit refresh, I don't believe any additional votes are being counted.

Right, that wasn't intended as a call to action; it's just a general point. And no, I don't believe you're able to refresh and revote. Yes, the poll will reset to the original screen after you refresh the page, but any attempt to revote should be greeted with a message that says "Thank you, we have already counted Read more

I did do some quick, probably rudimentary checks of the polling data as the gap began to close, because that is indeed a huge surge, and I don't see any irregularities. As far as I can figure, Firefly fans are just really, really committed to getting out the vote. Read more

It's hard to say, honestly; with the exception of one First Round post, I think, we've been right around 10,000 voters for every poll, which is great turnout. I don't think you can get that many voters just from people who remember the poll from last year, especially since we're retaining readers day to day. I have no Read more

Somehow I missed most of the vpotings - I think the posts are not evident enough with this new layout. Read more

May I refer you to Hanlon's Razor. I just mixed up the poll numbers for that match-up when sending them to our brilliant bracket maker Steph. Nothing more insidious than that.

The thought had occurred to me.