Alex McLevy
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Today 3:56PM

Sure? The pedant in me usually enjoys being called out over some linguistic minutiae, but I have to admit this one leaves me baffled. The common phrasing (as I use it here) suggests intentionality, but hey, if it’s not ubiquitous, it’s not ubiquitous! Fight the fight.

Today 2:12PM

Honestly, dirtside, the more people complain (ahem, complaints can be directed to, the more attention is paid.

Wednesday 9:56AM

Yeah this was a real “hold my beer” to Ozark. 

5/14/21 12:48PM

I like that Andrew WK, too. Be curious to see if the whole album trends in that direction. 

5/14/21 12:47AM

Nobody is pretending Buffy wasn’t fucking phenomenal. At least, nobody I know, including this newswire. But I applaud the “Incel wearing a ‘This is What a Feminist Looks Like’ t-shirt” somersault of a top hat. 

3/26/21 11:52AM

Very true! But it’s the first full-length album from the new moniker, even though they’ve also technically released a record together as a duo before (the 2012 acoustic-centric Nude On Sand).

2/22/21 9:32AM

This is the kind of sensible script supervision for which Triggered desperately calls out.

2/08/21 4:33PM

What’s a movie where you’re a little embarrassed to admit how much you enjoy it?

2/03/21 11:17AM

One of their better records since the Punk In Drublic days, if you’re a fan of that genre of music. But no, you don’t have to look forward to it, recognitions! Don’t let it come to that if you don’t want to! 

1/26/21 9:49AM

It makes a strong contender for best INXS album, Kick notwithstanding.

1/25/21 3:19PM

Honestly, there’s a lot to like, it’s just seriously uneven. 

12/18/20 3:07PM

What can I say? The game brought me peace. Of course it doesn’t need my endorsement; it’s not making any “best of” lists, but there is a zen calm it induces.

12/18/20 3:05PM

We covered Last Of Us Pt II in our best-of mid-year piece, which is why it’s not here. But yes, also different strokes. 

12/15/20 10:05PM

Nice to see another person with that Secret Machines record on their list.