Alex McLevy
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6/05/21 7:15PM

Ah, yes, another episode of Clarice shot entirely in dark sets. Goody!

5/26/21 8:55AM

This is ridiculously interesting and has got me down a rabbithole of apertures, lenses and ISOs. Read more

5/26/21 6:26AM

Seriously though, while the Canon-7 RF f0.95 50mm lens ain’t all that common, I’d hesitate to call it “rare”. Hell, I’ve seen more of them in Austrlaia than Nikon F-mount f1.2 50mm - or even Pentax f1.2 50mm...both of which were made for decades after Canon stopped making rangefinders, and for lens mounts that are

4/14/21 1:52PM

I agree that season was more boring (started off strong - should’ve kept Husbandghost around more) but god, that episode about the caretaker was fucking marvelous. I’ll go back and watch just that one episode, for how good it was.

4/13/21 2:24PM

At some point, you hit a level of wealth/age where writing rock songs is just pointless. Someday, Mick Jagger will reach that level.

But not yet. He’s back baby!!

4/05/21 10:59AM

On the plus side, the rest of the family went on to enjoy a four-day overbearing-Dad-less vacation of a lifetime!

3/26/21 2:49PM

The new Tomahawk album is solid. It’s their first album in 8 years, but they haven’t missed a step.

3/06/21 1:10AM

Im sappy as all hell.  Anything related to losing a parent just snaps me in half.  For godsake I bawled like crazy recently when I watched Jessica Langes death scene in American Horror Story Asylum.  But if I must choose I'd go with the last scene in the Telltale Walking Dead game.  That is heartwrenching not because Read more

3/03/21 3:56PM

No better way for me to lose my enthusiasm for a new Melissa McCarthy movie than finding out that her husband wrote/directed it. God bless them, they seem like they’re very happy, but he is killing any momentum she once had with these god-awful movies.  Read more

3/01/21 10:27PM

Mine too, buddy. Then my girlfriend got into Bettie Page and cherries and I put flames on literally everything I owned and started swing dancing. Now I own an Arthur Murray franchise.
Read more

2/26/21 4:09PM

Ghosteen was utterly heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. I don’t know why I keep revisiting it, when it makes me feel so sad.

2/26/21 10:47AM

Developers were instructed to stop, collaborate, and listen.

2/22/21 9:03AM

Sad, he should have gone for “now that’s what I call hammer time”. I mean, what does any of that have to do with playing drums (does the movie make a thing of him being a drummer?).  Plus he has a hammer. Read more