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That is indeed my point. I don’t mean they are the most uniformly talented, I mean they’re a great cast, for the television show that is Drag Race. Great chemistry together, great conversations, lots of variety in winners. 

I respect your take but I also think you’re misreading my analysis here. Watch Scarlett in the talking-heads, where she’s great, and compare that to Pink Table Talk. Very different. 

I promise to catch up by next week. I’ve heard amazing things, but I felt a little burned by DRDU so I’ve been putting it off. This is the push I need, tysm. 

Shhh, she’s thinking about her dreams. 

Yeah, the group dynamic is terrific. Lots of self-awareness. Grown-ups in the werkroom! 

That’s very kind of you, thanks. 

Because I am very mad about the doughnuts. But yes, that was marvelous.

Their hearts clearly aren’t in it

I’m not sure, but it would be extremely funny were that the case.

Yeah, the relative unity of the dudes is really making it a monster-of-the-week kinda deal. 

You are correct, I am mortified, will issue a correction. 

To be fair I think the milk in the picture was probably not spoilt? Tayshia drank it in the end credits, and it was implied that it was after a lot of filming. But yeah chugging ranch, WOOF. 

Same! (Also love that username.) 

I’m honored! I’m sure Gwen it too. 

He’s not an OG legend, but when Mick and Sara were both off the ship he was the longest-tenured Legend (by kind of a lot). The O-est G. Most original gangster. 

Me too. He seems like the milkshake type.