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I just find it hilarious that he goes from basically choking on inhaled cake right to the makeout .... There’s no way that was a decent kiss, dude couldn’t breathe! lmao

So...this is the first time I’ve read one of these “Bachelor food” articles, even tho I’ve seen them posted for some time now. I’ve never seen a single episode of the show. Read more

I was with you til the end there...cuz, accurate or not, this phrasing is just a big nope: “Food tastes great off of someone’s skin.”

While watching, as an ex-Muslim, I kept thinking “this may be the first time I am watching Muslim men just being bros on prime tv”, it was a thing of beauty and I am glad they actually referred to it and made it a part of Behrad’s personality. Read more

The show that made an ongoing, serious-business storyline out of Gary’s nipple being consumed by a malevolent, hallucinogen-spewing unicorn*? Read more

I didn’t even know absolut acai was a real thing these days. I was 20 when that aired. Crazy times! GOLDEN CHILD

Kylie’s rendition of Steven Tyler was both sexy and hilarious, I loved it. Kylie and Trinity embodied their icon the best Read more

Kylie’s rendition of Steven Tyler was both sexy and hilarious, I loved it. Kylie and Trinity embodied their icon the best, but Jan gave a solid performance even though I think she lost Gaga after the piano part. Jan definitely had a better runway look than Trinity though. Read more

Ginger should have taken her place simply because ‘Geronimo’ is a horrid song for anyone to cover. Read more

The broccoli meal looks sad, they need better stagers. 

It’d be interesting to see if the producers could create a show that has drama and intrigue without needing to edit in a villain constantly. Read more

These are 100% the same plates of food, just rotated around a bit.

the kid never ralphs after eating the cake in Matilda, that was the whole point of the scene, wasn’t it? he beats her at her “punishment”

Katie is my favorite bachelorette, period. Also I got way more glee out of having these gents eat a massive plate of carbs (with carb AND calorie count laid out right there in front of them!) than watching them eat a cockroach or something.

During Nate’s blowup, he at one point calls himself the O est G? OSG? I’m not sure. Anyone have any idea what that meant?

Still don’t know why they didn’t just do a “David Ramsey as Diggle” guest episode, but I guess considering they’re not making him Green Lantern any time soon it doesn’t matter as much. The direction in this episode was solid, including some of the trick shots Ramsey has alluded to in interviews. I thought the Bass Read more