Andrew Paul
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2/28/20 1:18PM

having the hypothetical, nonexistent triggered leftist millennial say ‘grammar nazi’ instead of ‘fascist’ would have been better for that joke tbh

8/21/19 1:48PM

Look, I’m never gonna not like someone employing this gif.

8/20/19 6:40PM

Sorta just wanted to contrast YDD with Dick Nixon, but I will pass along your concerns to management. 

7/16/19 3:05PM

I dunno what y’all are talking about, tbh. I just wrote what Elly Kedward’s ghost told me to write last night while she was floating above my bed.

7/09/19 10:51AM

If I had to lose sleep as a kid after seeing that drawing on TV, so should everyone else!

7/09/19 10:26AM

The Blair Witch Project ruined my enjoyment of my family’s summer vacation to the Tennessee mountains later that year, so I sympathize completely.

5/29/19 10:23AM

watched the Last Drive-In ep this weekend for “research!”

5/14/19 12:56PM

Native Mississippian here, so I can definitely sympathize a bit with that sentiment. Definitely one of the reasons I gravitated towards Ian’s work at first listen.

5/14/19 9:48AM

Thx! I have deferred the transcription of Momoa’s question to the higher-ups, because I honestly can’t tell, hah. Too many loud shows for music write-ups. I’ll blame Ian’s (nonexistent) double-stack amps.

1/10/19 12:53PM

Totally understand! You might want to check out the second part of Lunn’s most recent double album. It’s all acoustic / bluegrass, no metal vocals. Also Steve Von Till’s solo work is another good example of a metal purist’s folk side work.