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Being a die hard West Coaster and Disney theme park fan, (even had family season tickets for several years when I lived in SoCal) I’ve just planned and purchased my once a decade family WDW trip scheduled for October for a week. Honestly, I can handle a WDW adventure about every 10-12 years, since that’s about how long Read more

We had a problem with our reservation at Morimoto’s - Disney Springs had limited the capacity of the entire area and we literally could not park to get to the restaurant because they had shut down all the parking decks. Luckily, even when the Disney app didn’t have any tables available there for subsequent nights, we Read more

You are not well versed/experienced in the Disney dining scene, clearly after your other comment uses the wrong name for the experience, but here’s the truth: Read more

When I was working at Disney back in ‘06, it was something of a secret that the steakhouse in the EPCOT Canada Pavilion was the best in the state.  Can anyone who’s been there this decade confirm/deny?

This would have been a good opportunity to use a slide show.

I’m planning a trip to WDW in early 2023 and am going to Disneyland in 2 weeks...just wanted to say thanks to the writer for actually liking WDW! Everytime I see an article in the Kinjaverse about WDW or DL, it’s always so freaking snarky. And snobby. And elitist. So thank you.

We ate at Nomad Lounge, as I said below, and I don’t think the whole Tiffins menu was available? Maybe if we had asked, but we stuck with the bar menu - though it did have the Tiffins bread service on it. Nomad doesn’t have reservations but they do have (or at least they did in October) a virtual waitlist, which was Read more

Most people will tell you to ONLY hit Be Our Guest for dinner if you want to meet Beast, who is extremely rare in the parks. Go for lunch only when it’s a QSR because dinner is overpriced as hell for the food quality- same with Cinderella’s. Read more

Not sure if the pandemic has changed things but certain things are always really hard to get (Be Our Guest, character meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table, the Luau at the Polynesian) but most places aren’t all that difficult if you are willing to be a little flexible. Read more

If any AWOLNATION song was going to be memeified, it really should be the gloriously ridiculous MF, shouldn’t it?

I bought this album when it came out because I unironically really loved Sail--and still do--and yea, the album is really great. I don’t pretend to know a lot about music, but I’m saddened to hear they’ve kinda been pigeonholed as a meme based on what I thought was pretty eclectic, exciting album.

Kill Your Heroes is so good that people remembering this band for Sail shows how failed humanity is.

I strongly disagree with Cuties. And yes, I actually watched the film with the expectation that the people making a stink about it have only gone as far as viewing the trailer. Read more

There are so many cool things to like about EVH, but my favorite has to be from the 90's. VH1 did this all star garage band jam with Paul Shaffer as the band leader. EVH, Steve Winwood, Richie Sambora, Sheryl Crow, and Bryan Adams with some more I can’t remember were part of it. During one song Richie and EVH are Read more

Gotta be the hamburger in “Better off Dead.”