Ashley Naftule

I mean, I love it but it's not crazy that it turns off lots of people. It's difficult 

Nobody has time or energy for anything that isn’t completely straightforward any more.

Is there this much shit taste here? It’s one of the best albums of the ‘60s.

Tyler, the Creator’s “Call Me If You Get Lost” is sublime and only gets better on repeat listens.

Summer has always been super competent. My favorite example is the climax of Morty’s Mind-Blowers when she coolly handles a Scenario 4 while eating a popsicle and after cleaning up their mess Rick and Morty just yell at her for being a stupid bitch because they think she let them fall asleep during Interdimensional Read more

Maybe over the course of this season we’ll see Morty and Summer become more competent and jaded Read more

I actually liked this one a fair bit - it was kind of creative connecting emotional commitment to the environment to how Rick and Morty and Summer’s relationships, and the bit about Planetina being the only person Morty’s met who takes him seriously felt real enough to be poignant. It does feel a little bit like a Read more

You are able to write your comment because of the historical records/accounts available to you. It sounds as though you have made peace with humanity’s inhumanity. Read more

I admit that the whole “if everyone around you is an asshole, maybe you’re the asshole” theory is why I’ve never fought back against people treating me like crap in my own life— I figure I did something in the past that I haven’t repaid back karmically, and I need to figure out what I did and change my behavior.

I’m Read more

Is it written in... Genesis writing? e.g. “E went to thee doctor on thee 1st ov September and E was told...”  Thee Psychick Bible was basically unreadable from all of that.

one of my favorite PTV albums...

Comedy is about truth.  It’s about speaking to power.  It should be about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comforted, and when it fails to do these things, like SNL is doing by allowing Musk to host, it is nothing more than minstrelsy.

Apologies, I was sort of bracing for it as I’ve been a fan of Jer’s for some time and I’ve seen them misgendered several times and I may have misread how many times it slipped in.

The Op Ivy discography is a top 10 punk album. Great song after great song and you’re absolutely right, it always improves your mood. 

Awesome scene, though definitely not my favourite Kevin scene. That honour goes to them all playing Dallas, with it being revealed at the last moment that Kevin has successfully swindled everyone else, effortlessly.

I have no idea what they’re talking about. There’s a running gag of a news anchor arguing with his field reporter over the characterization of Qanon followers that implies the anchor supports them. Otherwise, Qanon followers are unambiguously depicted as brainwashed and/or morons. There is no depiction or mention of Read more

It’s this weird desire for other people to love and respect these movies. And I like a lot of superhero movies, and I even love a few. But it’s like completely dominating the film landscape somehow isn’t enough. Everyone must also admit that a dude running around in an American flag outfit socking people with purple Read more

Also, please stop insisting that if I just watch this one comic book movie (always a different one when I reply I’ve seen it and didn’t like it) that I’ll suddenly be converted. With rare exceptions, I simply don’t enjoy the genre, and I’ve given it more than an adequate sampling to make that judgement. The Read more

On the one hand, this is a complicated issue that this article brilliantly tackles. On the other hand, it probably shouldn’t be all that controversial a proposition that some art is more complicated and deeper than other forms of art. And I sometimes wonder why so many people are defensive about that seemingly obvious Read more

Everyone posting defensive comments on behalf of Netflix on Disney, please stop for 2 seconds and think about what it means that you feel the need to defend mega-corporations from criticism. Read more