Baraka Kaseko
Web Producer, The A.V. Club
Oct 8

On purely a conceptual level, I don’t mind the retcon. For me, if Chibnall’s era as showrunner has been defined by anything, it’s a lack of risk-taking. I think he’s scared to make his characters unlikable, and is uninterested in disrupting the Doctor-companion dynamic. There’s no meaningful interpersonal conflict. Read more

Aug 13

It was completely heartwarming and deeply unsettling to see Fitz smiling so earnestly. I can’t remember the last time we saw him smile.

Feb 9

Kelly Marie Tran is going to get more screen-time at the Oscars than she did in Rise Of Skywalker.

Nov 7 2019

Oh no. I cried during both of those movies, so presumably I’ll just die during this one.

Sep 22 2019

Agreed. I thought Game Of Thrones would just obliterate every category it was nominated in.