Baraka Kaseko
Web Producer, The A.V. Club
Jan 3

And throw you on the pile of internet commenters that know nothing about game development.

Jan 3

You make it sound like the devs had a plethora of time wasted on doing nothing, when I’m pretty sure a good amount of the staff was working crunch for extended periods of time trying to make the promised deadlines. Read more

Jan 3

I like how you assume that implementing a polished, fully-functional third-person mode is somehow a trivial amount of work that the developers were just too lazy to do. I mean, it’s not like they were crunching for years just to ship the game with one camera perspective. Nope, gotta be laziness. Damn lazy devs!

Dec 17

As someone who put Palm Springs on his ballot, I don’t think it’s a huge mystery. Dowd wrote the original review for the site, which was positive. Caroline wrote a bit about it for her column, and her reaction was also positive, but it a more measured. The problem is (wait for it)... some critics liked it, but liked so Read more

Dec 14

This was way before my time at these sites, but personally, I agree that outing someone is a shitty thing to do.

Dec 10

Mixed reviews and reports of the game being glitchy both have me thinking I should wait to buy this. Read more

Dec 10

It’s funny when it happens in the game but when I do this in real life it’s “indecent exposure” and a “crime”?!

Dec 8

Honestly, Warner probably made the right decision here. Whether or not theaters would have continued to be viable in a non-COVID world, the fact is, right here and right now, they are not. No movie is going to play to packed houses, simply because theaters can’t pack houses safely. Fuck, they’re not even open in many Read more

Nov 30

Please I grew up in the 70s , no one gave a shit about the cold war or worried about it, and in the 80s NO ONE gave a shit either. Climate change however is a very real threat and its picking up steam and this world will become a shit show, likely sooner rather than later. Have a few beers with a climatologist, there Read more

Nov 28

My complaint is that “dark” always equates to what a twelve you old thinks “mature” is. The majority of the books aren’t any more dense or thought provoking, they just have some gore and a little sexiness. Read more

Nov 25

For some, literally anything to the left of unchecked capitalism is “socialism.”

Nov 18

i would have far more good will for him and what he’s trying to do if he just said less...

Nov 11

Also none of these people (including Musk) “changed the world”, not for the better anyway. They just loved to pose as such, and to take credit for others’ work and achievements, just because they were sociopaths.

Nov 11

Maybe not Jesus, but at least not fucking assholes that do more damage than good, like Musk and both of your examples are.