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Tasha Robinson
Tasha Robinson is currently the Film and TV Editor at The Verge, and the co-host of the Next Picture Show podcast, alongside A.V. Club veterans Scott Tobias, Keith Phipps, and Genevieve Koski.

For what it’s worth, he apparently hated the entire studio experience, and thought Mimic was an immense botch of what he was trying to do. It makes for pretty fascinating reading. But it is definitely still a film with a striking look and a personal perspective. The shot of the kids’ plague ward at the beginning of Read more

I'm very curious why the three books are structured the way they are. Why cover so much of the primary plot in the first book, then loop back to discuss actions taken by minor characters in the second two? Read more

Thank you for that, Sandreaper. I have in fact been reading it for hours, and it's great. Read more

What about Gordy Dickson and Poul Anderson's Hoka? Sapient teddy bears obsessed with acting out human stories and creating re-enactions of Earth's historical periods? How would THAT even evolve? Why, it's almost as if the entire planet only exists to provide amusing, short-story-worthy anecdotes! Also, they're called

I never understood the objection to the Signs aliens coming to a planet where there's a lot of water. If Earth became unlivable and human pioneers were looking for any planet to colonize, they'd take anything they could get with a breathable atmosphere and arable land, even if the planet was otherwise 70 percent Read more