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You make some smart, salient points, and I can admit that Luca and The Falcon And Winter Soldier are not a perfect comparison, in so far as I relate them in this piece, especially because the simpler fairytale narrative of Luca basically invites diverse allegorical readings, while TFATWS has different aims (not to Read more

Well said! I can certainly agree with all of that. Thank you for taking the time to read and share such a thoughtful response.

yeah, I don’t care, you can do that. I’m not trying to tell anyone how they, personally, should interpret art/media. In fact, I’m saying the opposite: Art and media can be fulfilling to all of us in different ways, and we’re all allowed to see ourselves represented in characters if we so choose, to feel comforted and Read more

No, you’re not being disingenuous at all, and I appreciate the comment. While it wasn’t the focus of my article, I hope I made it clear that I do agree w/ Mackie’s assertion that we need space for healthy platonic male friendships, absolutely. A big part of writing this was to say: Art and media can be fulfilling to Read more

Absolutely not. You’re talking about people in the real world. I’m talking about characters in a piece of art/media. The point of this piece is to say “if art speaks to you in a certain way, listen to that.” I stated my personal read of the film—just one person’s perspective—to illustrate a point that art is up for Read more

Oh my gosh, thank you!!! Haha this is truly transportive

Forgive me for being mistaken. In my memory, I had conflated the scenes where Elio and Oliver accompany Elio’s father on his archaeological trip to the sea with the setting of the rest of the film. 

Hahaha agreed. I do think the whole “yo-yo” thing was more late ‘90s, turn-of-the-millennium. I’m a few years younger than DeHaan, but I remember flashy, light-up yo-yos that could do advanced tricks were like THE toy to have when i was in middle school, which was more like ‘00-’03.

I think you bring up a great point! I mean, yes, discussing heists as a “queer narrative” was really just a conversation starting point inspired by Bowen’s old tweets, which he would tell you were not meant to be read any deeper than as a joke (sadly I can’t find them anywhere since Bowen’s no longer on Twitter). But, Read more

Game, set, match. Well played, haha.

Oh, no, I mean, I didn’t take it personally; it’s completely fine and I respect your opinion. I just wanted to point out that your argument was misrepresenting what this piece actually is.

in this case, this isn’t a sourced quote from “somewhere else”—it’s from a video interview we did with Toni, which is explained in the writing (plus the full video is at the top of the post). Read more

If you watch Dream Horse thru the mid-credits, War Horse shows up, cigar in mouth, and announces he’s assembling a team.

I think AppleTV+ is still trying to figure out how to promote their shows, but what I’ve seen is really excellent, so I’m happy this interview helped get the word out there! Really and truly a top-notch Julianne Moore performance.

isn’t it fantastic? Kelly’s having so much fun! But yeah, as a non-New Yorker, my understanding of Miscast is that it’s been a longstanding live show that the Broadway/theater scene has long loved. I think the “virtual” reality we’ve been living in since March 2020 forced the show to go online this year and last, Read more

Yes! I was so tickled by that casting detail! I only wish I’d known prior to this interview.

It was in reference to a viral and pretty widely mocked tweet, which is linked to in the article Read more

Was hoping Ruffalo’d would result in more readers too haha