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Totally agree. It’s so bonkers, yet I could easily picture myself doing the exact same thing.

Check out Toast Of London starring Matt Berry, where Latif plays one of his many nemeses, the vacuous and eternally redundant Clem Fandango.

I pray that Shazad Latif eventually shows up as a werewolf in this.

My internal William Safire wants it to be written as Missions: Impossible 7 and 8.

I was somewhat selfishly relieved to find that Crosby Gaige’s “Cocktail Guide And Ladies’ Companion” wasn’t one of the vintage books that had been digitized on the above link. This is, of course, because in a drunken state I spent a small fortune to secure a copy of it from eBay.

I see it a bit differently than that. The overall popularity of a show does not connote that it is of a higher quality than any other program. Often this is a matter of network, celebrity involvement, and/or length of existence. The aim of the feature, at least as it has been in recent years, is to highlight great Read more

This was the first thing that came to my mind as well. I still wish that he had been there, his call would have been the definitive record of the moment.