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Contributor, The A.V. Club. Ben Cannon is a writer and graphic designer from Chicago who is obsessed with pop culture and subscribes to far too many podcasts.

Denis Lavant should be in this movie, and whenever he’s not on screen, the other characters should be asking “Ou est Denis Lavant?”

Yikes, from the future the opening lines about Anna Faris’ relationship are a tough read.

Yay! I am SO GLAD to see Reckonings get some love! It is so often overlooked, but it’s a really fantastic podcast. The “tough-on-crime prosecutor” episode absolutely shook my world (and it’s not the only one). Stephanie Lepp is a perfect interviewer: she is not intrusive, and just lets people tell their stories in Read more

It’ll take years for them to adjust. They basically just copy and paste that category every year

desus and mero still the #1 show in late night, emmy’s just don’t know it yet. Read more

The Orange Groves Network is a small podcast network that definitely deserves more love! A recent fave is Bed, Bath, and Beyblade (formerly Bionicle), where one of the hosts wakes the other up at 7 AM to explain Beyblade lore to them over the phone. There’s also Summer Twilight Book Club, a chapter-by-chapter Read more

My favorite podcast at the moment is The Musical Man. The show, in the host’s own words, “aims to shed new light on the nominees and winners of the Tony Award for Best Musical.” Fun ride.

I typically only check in on episodes where I know the guest, but I can tell you right away the episode where she describes going on a date to the Burbank airport just so they can eat at the Guy Fieri’s Burger Joint in the terminal is a must-listen.

“This is Clem Fandingo. Can you hear me?”

I shall now ramble at length about the podcasts I’ve been listening to.
Read more

Came here to second Punch Up The Jam, although I’m afraid they’ll never top Demi’s showtune version of Welcome To The Jungle.

Clicked into this just to make sure you properly praised Punch Up the Jam. At one point a guest says that if Demi had been around 30-40 years ago (back when Rugrats premiered), Weird Al wouldn’t have a career and I find it hard to disagree, even as someone who really loves Weird Al. These two are delightful together Read more

I missed Punch Up The Jam when it was suggested in Podmass a few months back, and it is incredible. There are only 18 episodes so far, and it’s totally worth it to catch up. 


I’ve been loving Punch Up The Jam! It’s great to get a weekly dose of Demi and Miel and, while I enjoy a great many formless conversation podcasts, I really appreciate the pre-production and musical talent put into this format.

The show was at it’s best when it was mostly insane nonsense and barely any actual serious discussion about U2.

I really want to like Raised By TV (I find both Gabrus and Lapkus two of the funniest people in the world) but it’s way too much “do you remember this?!” “oh my god yes, do you remember this?!” It just feels too member berry for me. Hopefully they add more segments or some structure to it.