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2/14/18 11:57PM

Seeing a lot of folks talking up the graphic novel. I’m coming at this kinda backwards—I saw the film at TIFF, and liked it so much I picked up the book, but haven’t yet read it. I can’t assuage any anxieties about how well it works as an adaptation, but judged on its own merits it very capably scratched my Read more

10/13/17 4:39PM

I think I generally have a pretty high tolerance for repetition, so long as I’m in the mood for it. Games built around routines, like the Persona series, or popularly-reviled/cult-favourite Digimon World tend to do it for me. So too do games with little instances of repetition built into them—like trying over and over Read more

10/06/17 7:57PM

Night owl here too. I like it when it’s dark, quiet, and the chances of interruptions or interjections are as close to impossible as I can get them. When I’m ready to sink my teeth into a serious session of something, I usually don’t start until midnight and will play until 3 or 4 am. I almost never play anything Read more

9/29/17 6:52PM

The easy wins in predicting unannounced titles these days seem to be “Skyrim ported to [X],” “[Y] ported to Switch,” and “[Z] gets standalone VR tie-in,” although that last one may already be on the way out as a trend. Still, that’s where I’m going to place my bet. Square Enix have been taking a few half-hearted stabs Read more

9/08/17 5:56AM

My return to No Man’s Sky has stuck. I’ve actually engaged with base building for the first time, and I’m following the new story whenever I get the hankering for a more structured experience. The Atlas quest is a little bugged now, so it’s taking me twice as long as it should because I have to jump through a few

9/08/17 5:45AM

Suikoden III is full of “supposed to lose” boss battles, but it’s also the hardest game in the series generally, and a few of its battles are really tough if you go in unprepared. In one of Geddoe’s chapters you fight a party of giant-insect-riding town guards. The fact that they’re all mounted means they get a huge Read more

9/04/17 6:36AM

Maybe it’s Baby’s First Critical Analysis to suggest that Twin Peaks: The Return is an extended meditation on both itself and the original run of episodes, but that’s the most coherent interpretation I have so far. I guess the only insight less piercing than that would be “Dale Cooper symbolically represents the Read more

9/02/17 6:07AM

I was all set to jump in with Persona 5, which, like all the Persona titles, is not just set at a school, but is really about working around the rhythms of school life and managing your work/life balance like a real student would. And, fighting demons. This question made me realize that schools are underutilized Read more

8/25/17 5:42PM

I suppose the best only-sort-of-cheating answer would be Resident Evil, since it’s changed identities twice now, going from puzzlebox survival horror to action horror to Amnesia/Outlast-inspired walking simulator horror across seven entries. Game franchises tend to rely on incremental improvements from instalment to Read more

8/25/17 11:38AM

My honest-to-god years of training with S3&K helped me master the blue spheres levels in Mania, and even I thought several of the trickier stages were bullshit. There are several stages where the “correct” path requires you to pull off such bizarre manouevres that I was convinced I was cheating them: barely jumping Read more

8/25/17 11:32AM

Yeah, every time I’ve stuck my head back in to check out the new features I’ve done it by erasing my old save game and starting from scratch. I think that’s part of the reason I’ve never stuck around too long on previous attempts—having to ford the tutorials over again, build my exosuit and multitool back up to Read more

8/25/17 4:29AM

Even the miseries of Kinja cannot suppress my desire to occasionally natter on about what I’m playing this weekend.

8/23/17 6:45PM

I’m glad you highlighted the transplanting of Sonic 2's Emerald Hill corkscrew bridges into the Green Hill Zone, because as a long-time series fan that constant mashing up of stages and gimmicks is one of my favourite things about Mania’s level designs. Sonic & Knuckles’ Flying Battery has been combined with Sonic 2's Read more