Patrick Lee
Contributor, The A.V. Club. Sonic The Hedgehog apologist till I die. Toronto.
11/15/17 11:38AM

Hooray, Patrick! Thanks for the review, and I really like this perspective - Just as the real Assassins dissolved in time, so must this series, and frankly this would be the perfect way to end it if they didn’t need the money and they finally created a mode that properly explores the historical setting. I’m very Read more

9/08/17 1:17PM

I’m really happy you’re posting these - I don’t think I’ve ever gotten as much out of seeing people’s pictures than I do with No Man’s Sky. I think the fact that no two people really ever encounter the same AI-generated beauty really makes them shine. Kudos on actually making the composition work too :)

9/08/17 9:34AM

I was one of the people who was hyped for NMS leading up to launch but waited to pick it up and then saw the immediate backlash. So maybe now I can go in for a sort of blind experience for the first time.

9/08/17 8:34AM

I have been loving these pics as you post them on Twitter. You’re really making me want to dive back into this game. If only there weren’t so much good TV also happening. And Splatoon. I just remember last summer sinking soooooooooo much time into No Man’s Sky and I’m not sure I can submit to that again right now.

9/08/17 5:57AM

Yeah, good call on Suikoden III! There’s also those Yuber ambushes and that lizard army fight with Chris (that can be exploited for exp farming). Lots of tricky fights amidst the unwinnable battles.

9/04/17 12:28PM

While the character clearly didn’t hail from any Earth landmass, she was played by an actor of East Asian descent, looked like a woman of East Asian descent, and was named after a term used in both Chinese and Japanese spiritual traditions. Read more

9/04/17 11:52AM

This is a really nice analysis. While I think you’re right that this isn’t the ONLY thing the show is dealing with, I don’t think you should be so dismissive of your “art about the art” reading. Read more

9/04/17 9:02AM

i like your analysis a lot. Again and again the show returns to commenting on itself (“Starting position is more comfortable.”) Even FWWM begins with smashing a TV. I’m sharing your insights (crediting you) with my FB group, Twin Peaks: The Return: The Discussion Group. I hope that’s ok. Join us if you want to discuss Read more

9/04/17 8:15AM

For 16 episodes my reaction to The Return ranged from cautious optimism to outright anger. But these last 2 really made everything click in to place. Everything you’ve said is spot on, but I also think there is an element of turning the idea of a reboot back in to the fans that wanted it. In essence, they are Read more

8/25/17 9:38AM

Congrats on getting gold medals on all the bonus stages! I’m still managing to fuck up at the last minute on a few and abandoned getting gold after failing a long time ago.

8/25/17 8:21AM

Glad to hear your endorsement of the latest No Man’s Sky updates. I, too, played it for entirely too long while it was still “featureless” and enjoyed the simple feats of exploration and mining, eventually getting bored when I jumped into three consecutive star systems where I was immediately attacked by hostile Read more