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Cindy White
Prior to joining The A.V. Club as Associate Editor, Cindy White covered Hollywood for a variety outlets including IGN, Collider, SyFy Channel, The Watercooler, and more.

Yes! Skipper is introduced in this episode as the one romantic guy left in New York City. Carrie sets him up with Miranda and she just eats him alive. They dated for a bit in the first season, then he disappeared in season 2, never to be heard from again. Read more

You’re in luck, as we covered that very topic last November: Read more

Good catch! That should have read, “there weren’t many” instead of, “there weren’t any.” Thank you for the heads up. Read more

Oh, I love the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” issue. I was going to include the appearance of William Shaxberd in the “Men of Good Fortune” segment of episode six as a potential seed for a future episode, but it could have been just a cool Easter egg for fans. We know what their conversation entailed. Read more