Dan Caffrey
4/21/21 10:38AM

This is a very good argument. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to pick up on Scuzzlebutt’s leg possibly being a more clever joke than I initially believed. And looking at the appendage closeup, it sorta resembles a young Sasha Mitchell even more so than Patrick Duffy.

12/18/20 12:19PM

Oh wow, thank you! That means the world. And yeah, it’s coming along slowly, but surely. The first one took forever to complete—not because Mae or I are studio perfectionists or something, but because we had to write and record it between a lot of other stuff in our lives. We actually wrote a song this year called Read more

12/17/20 2:24PM

That sounds so fun! Years and years ago, the Siskel Film Center did a Jim Henson retrospective around the holidays and they showed Emmet Otter—Kermit intro and all! Like you said, seeing it on the big screen really was special. But hey, in theCOVID era, I’ll settle for the stream on Amazon Prime—also with Kermit, Read more

12/17/20 2:10PM

Some of it, yeah. While a lot of the carols are in the public domain, the ones omitted from the special are all less than 100 years old, or at least they were at the time. 

12/17/20 1:47PM

You’re right—the Muppets have a TON of good Christmas content. Y’all should check out The Christmas Toy, too. It’s lesser known, but is streaming on Prime right now. Between that, Emmet Otter, A Muppet Family Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, The Great Santa Claus Switch, and that John Denver special, they’ve Read more

12/17/20 11:54AM

Hahaha, this makes me very happy. It’s like an unspoken trademark of theirs that’s always given me great joy. Thanks so much for reading!