Dan Caffrey
4/21/21 10:51AM

Even though I’m not a hardcore fan, this article really digs into what I admire most about this show. It’s been on the air for seemingly forever like Simpsons and Family Guy — but unlike those, it actually remains relevant because they’re still challenging themselves with things like shifting to long-term Read more

4/21/21 8:52AM

I would like to counter that having Patrick Duffy for a leg set up a funny and very specific joke about Step by Step. I suppose he could have been replaced with Suzanne Somers, but that’s about it. Read more

4/21/21 4:14AM

He is obviously referring to climate change, not the 2000 election. I have no idea where you get the idea that Gore’s approach to education on the subject has been superficial or redundant. An Inconvenient Truth is a deep dive into the science, and he proposes a sweeping overhaul of our consumption habits and energy Read more

12/18/20 10:32AM

Simon and Garfunkel did a great rendition of “Silent Night” over “The 7 o’clock news” with some pretty dark stuff. A dark contrast done so beautifully.

12/17/20 11:39PM

You better remember that, or you’ll have to answer to Baby Herman!

12/17/20 7:38PM

Jesus Christ!  That was some epic tonal whiplash!  

12/17/20 5:24PM

I watched this very video over the weekend while we were wrapping gifts, and let me tell you, coming to it with no knowledge it's coming is quite the mind fuck, indeed. 

12/17/20 4:49PM

This is funny because that's the version I watch on YouTube every year, since the video also has all of the ads intact.

12/17/20 3:01PM

The best ever use of that quote was the legendary darts commentator Sid Waddell who, when Eric Bristow won his first world title said: Read more

12/17/20 2:40PM

There are a lot of things the Muppets do to give the characters life that, once you notice that not all puppetry uses them, point to the reasons these characters are so engaging.

One is “shooting” - slightly moving the head of the puppet forward while it speaks, especially to emphasize certain words or emotional beats.

12/17/20 2:21PM

Wow. I wasn’t prepared for it to be over the actual credits. Seems like they don’t do that now.

12/17/20 2:10PM

A local theater ran Emmet Otter around Christmas 2 years ago, and my wife and I went to see it. It is arguably my favorite theater going experience of my life. As a young child when it first released, it was a Christmas tradition for me, so seeing it on the big screen was really special to me.

12/17/20 1:44PM

Aww. Jim Henson watching the party with Sprocket at the end and just enjoying his wonderful creations hits me in the feels every time.

12/17/20 1:06PM

They have rights issues over Christmas music?

12/17/20 11:40AM

For sure!  I definitely remember watching it but I don’t remember that promo over the end.

12/17/20 11:14AM

God, this was AMAZING when I was a kid. The Muppets, Sesame Street AND Fraggles all in one place? This was Avengers: Endgame-levels of insane awesomeness to a young 80s child.