Gabe Worgaftik
Contributor, The A.V. Club.
7/22/19 2:32PM

Sega Bass Fishing for the Dreamcast is the only fishing game anyone needs

7/22/19 2:01PM

Where’s the game for us flyfisherman who stand in a slow pool waiting for a 6" rainbow to start feeding on size24 chocolate duns?  Huh?  Where that game, Stringer?

6/19/19 2:00PM

Silly Universal. You don’t stop the movie to have a side character dump exposition about a unifying organization and storyline.

6/18/19 5:16PM

People are hating on the name, as if it’s the worst thing the Internet ever did, and here I am relieved that it wasn’t named “Hitler did Nothing Wrong.”

10/04/18 1:06PM

I’m living the Rubik’s Cube lifestyle. No matter what changes I make, 2/3 of my lifestyle is fucked up. Then, when I fix that stuff, I screw up the stuff I previously had under control.

7/09/18 1:31PM

Revisionist history here in the comments. Watch, when streaming becomes the norm for playing games, there will be tons of people saying they all obviously saw it happening right when it was going to happen.

7/09/18 12:47PM

Now, I definitely wasn’t using Napster or doing illegal P2Ps, but I know plenty of people who still regularly used these until 2005 and beyond, much more than any “legit” services available. After ‘05 was when I started seeing a downward trend of illegal downloads, and I didn’t notice the rise of subscriptions Read more

7/09/18 12:47PM

It is exciting, nonetheless, to see those predictions realized. Anytime somebody says there’s going to be an industry-wide shift in the next five to ten years, it’s easy to scoff. “It’ll happen eventually, but not that fast.” And yet Netflix already has more viewers than movies, cable, broadcast television, and all of Read more