Gwen Ihnat
Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.
Tuesday 10:23AM

When I was a kid and watched with my family, the game was always, “When does Columbo know who the killer is? Do you think he knows now?” But after watching for so long I now realize that Columbo always knows. He knows from the nanosecond he meets Jack Cassidy (three times).

Monday 6:16PM

Ruffalo is the only Columbo candidate I will possibly accept. Also I believe he would be reverential to the hallowed original.

Monday 6:13PM

Thank you PZ! Although I believe “holdover” makes me sound like I’m 100. Hope you are well!

6/04/21 3:34PM

Just glad that Maggie didn’t wind up marrying her brother.

6/04/21 11:08AM

Thank you Kay! Will possibly see you in the fall.

5/22/21 3:04PM

Apparently he was supposed to do Dean Martin in that sketch, like, moments before. Then just decided to switch it up to James Mason. Incredible.

5/22/21 11:03AM

My favorite is Mulaney’s “What’s That Name?” with surprise game show host Bill Hader. A slam on the patriarchy that just kills.

5/19/21 3:57PM

Right? Rewatching this (again!) I laughed for like five minutes after that line. And several others.

5/04/21 11:55PM

I was watching for it after Jesse’s review, and when it showed up, did not disappoint.

4/29/21 5:22PM

The trailer uses the running scene to make it look like he’s running from the Firm, when really he’s just running after his wife who hates him.

4/09/21 8:07PM

Three years older than me! And I wish I had been there, My first concert was Journey.

4/09/21 4:23PM

In the advance I got, it was listed as “Here Comes The Summer,” but they must have changed the song title since then. Changed above.