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Yesterday 12:23PM

“What’s with all the menopause talk? And the “fat girl” comments stick out as offensiv” Read more

Tuesday 5:53PM

From my understanding the lead gets to pick 3 or 4 guys they actually wanna date and then producers weed out the rest overtime. Since its early days and a few that have gotten little or no screentime will unfortunately be stuck with Karl for awhile but he should be gone before the half

Tuesday 10:13AM

So, front-runner’s Connor, right? The cat guy? He seems to be like, scarily on Katie’s level in terms of compatibility and humor. They’re cute together! Read more

Tuesday 9:37AM

Thanks Gwen! You are my (fast forwarding through much of this bullshit and saliva - ew) angel!

Tuesday 8:43AM

Next on the agenda for the Romanian government: Getting that last episode of Single Female Lawyer back on the air. 

Monday 8:18PM

Fortunately for current Columbo fans, seven full seasons are available for streaming on Amazon Prime, with 10 on Peacock. Read more

Monday 7:56PM

With all due deference to Jeremy Brett, Peter Falk as Columbo is the best portrayal, and the most fully realized detective character in the history of television. If I had to give a reason as to why, specifically, Falk’s Columbo beats even the best portrayal of Holmes, I would probably point to this (unfortunately

Monday 7:26PM

It’s not really meant to be a whodunnit sorta detective show. The appeal is seeing how Columbo puts it all together. The whodunnit has its own appeal, of course, but ultimately it’s about execution more than anything. It’s quite easy to do either variety poorly. Read more

Monday 6:22PM

That’s because Ruffalo constantly seems like he’s just waking up.

Monday 5:22PM

Fun fact: the first person to portray “Lt. Columbo” was Thomas Mitchell, a.k.a. Uncle Billy from It’s a Wonderful Life, in a stage play called "Prescription: Murder".

Monday 4:13PM

“He was informed that the show had swept the country—that “Columbo is Romania’s Elvis Presley”—and was persuaded to deliver a phonetically spelled-out speech in Romanian to assure the populace that Columbo would in fact be returning the next TV season.” Read more

6/10/21 3:13PM

I’m living in a fancy suburbia with my folks during the pandemic, and there’s a lot of weirdness but also sometimes it’s really pleasant, so idk if I’m being stepford wive’d or not! This sounds like a fun season because there’s always obviously real shit going down behind everyones perfectly manicured lawns!

6/08/21 11:06AM

I loved Katie last Bachelor. She quickly became my favorite contestant purely on vibes alone and saved it for me. (Heh, vibes.) I was sad when she left, but I understood. Damned if I wasn’t initially nervous she was going to get eaten up and spit out by the machine, though. Glad to hear it sounds like she’s in Read more

6/08/21 9:54AM

Fill your pick up bed with colored balls and call it “Mobile Chuck E. Cheese”

6/08/21 6:49AM

Thank you for your service, Gwen. Skipped this one because I hate the interminable intros cocktail “party.” Maybe I’ll re-DVR it. I enjoy THESE.

6/08/21 12:48AM

I’m all in on this season. Katie is delightful, and I trust her completely. I also like Tayshia and Kaitlyn more than Chris, although I am worried about Tayshia and Zac.