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Jill Hopkins

This is 2021.  Are you new here? Read more

You answered your own question yourself when you quoted “Straight Black Men Are the White People of Black People”. You don’t understand how misogyny works in the black community. Read more

I have my issues with Oprah but I’m sorry who did she drug, hold hostage, sexually assault or was accused of sexually assaulting? False equivalency , do better.
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Well written, smart, fair piece. Hope you don’t get roasted for it. Read more

What Shannon Doherty recited was the Lord’s Prayer (Our Father) Read more

Me who complain that the #metoo movement or “woke” culture changed the rules are tacitly admitting that they’re misogynist, or racist; etc. Read more

Really glad he said this.  I know some people that listen to him who probably need to hear it.   Read more

Gronk confidently telling a neuroscientist that CTE can be fixed is strong evidence that Gronk’s CTE has not, in fact, been fixed. Read more

You’re such a bad faith piece of shit. Do you honestly think people being criticized is “silencing” them? Or is it more likely that you find any criticism of “anti-PC” behavior (in other words, racist, bigoted bullshit) as intolerable and you believe you should be free from consequences of your backwards ass views? Read more

Don’t you have more important things to do? Like throwing bananas at black soccer players?
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I think it’s like doing a play. You intensely bond with these people you’re in a cast with, doing this work with, expressing intense emotions with and then all you’ve got left when it’s over are pictures and a promise that you’ll *definitely* see the next show they’re in. Read more

Fascists. You draw the line right behind the fascists. Read more

Seeing the word “factually” in posts like this one is always good for a chuckle.
Other important “facts” for these young women include: smiling more, trying not to intimidate men, and maybe wearing a little makeup? Read more