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John Teti
John Teti is the host of the smash-hit pop culture podcast Pop Mom. Once, he was the editor-in-chief of The A.V. Club. Another time, he hosted The A.V. Club's TV show.

Sigh. I do miss Hochuli The Elder. Hochuli The Younger is not quite the same.
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Oops. Good catch, thank you for the heads-up! It appears the QuantumPicks Apparatus was on the fritz for a moment. I will go kick it. Read more

Yes! Agreed, the mini wheel is a huge improvement over the “W-H-E-E-L” letters (especially those spindly beauty-pageant letters they had when they first debuted the “W-H-E-E-L” selection). My favorite part of the mini wheel is the bit of staging where, once the wheel comes to a stop, Pat points at the contestant’s Read more

Thanks! I worked hard and had a lot of fun putting this piece together, and I’m proud of the results! I wish you the same feeling of satisfaction in your own creative endeavors.
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Block & Tackle will be backle. Once the show goes on hiatus in November, the column will start up again. I also plan to offer it as an upcoming bribe if this little stunt works tonight. Read more

That is so nice. Thank you for making my day with this comment. And not to worry, I am dedicating all possible energy to the show. Read more

Don’t worry about me or the site! No matter what happens to the TV show, I will be okay. But I am optimistic about its prospects. I’m not involved in the day-to-day of the website anymore, but I know enough to say that things are fine on that side of things too. Read more

Oh hell yes, you can cheat. I’ll look the other way Read more

Well, thank you for at least taking the time to write this mean comment. Read more