Kate Kulzick

Wow, kicking off a new year with drag race is certainly exciting! It seems both not so long ago and so long ago we were chatting about S12. Time is meaningless. Read more

I was fully prepared to see Mimi Imfurst appear as the “lip sync assassin” against India. With all the rigga morris that goes on, there was a >0 chance. Read more

Mayhem did worse on the night than Derrick, but I’m completely supportive of cutting Derrick because Mayhem probably has something else to offer, and Derrick clearly doesn’t. Read more

Seriously? An A- for the (as always) crappy final episode of last season and this only gets a B? 

I thought the lip sync decision was actually correct. While Jackie did do more with her costume, Crystal sold the performance with body language and, yes, some fan-favourite moves, and had a great conviction in her performance. Jackie was a lot of fun, but that’s the third time that she’s chosen a comedy Read more

Agreed. Doing the shaky version of Hepburn was not only mean, it was lazy. There was no wit and nothing that made it specifically Katharine Hepburn. It was just generic shaky old lady. I almost wish they hadn’t edited Sherry out of so much of the show, because as it is I don’t see what made her so special that she Read more

Strongly disagree that Jan deserved to win this. I like Jan, and her performance was good, but Gigi was the clear winner this week for me. Her Madonna was completely captivating. Jan was very technically strong and competent, but didn’t have that wow factor. Gigi was thrilling to watch.

For sure, I don’t think it was inaccurate, but I think Jan was capable of more than Jamal gave her.

Jan's choreography was pretty accurate to what Madonna was doing at that time

Yeah, Jan deserved that win. I like Gigi, but something about her costume in the challenge irked me, and I don’t know enough to explain what it was. If we’re nitpicking, she wasn’t padded very much and through the 80s and 90s Madonna was known for having a muscly, strong body when that wasn’t necessarily in vogue. Read more

This is the most intense thing that I’ve ever read in my life. 

My take: If you want to see Jan’s type get rewarded, go watch Glee. Her personification of Rachael Berry is what’s hurting Jan. No one wants to see someone so convinced they’re a winner, well, win. The way everyone on Glee antagonizes Rachael despite her being arguably the best performer of the group is because that’s Read more

[Shangela has left the chat]

I’m sorry, but Jan deserved that win. And seeing some of y’all saying she doesn’t have the star power.. Honey, no! We don’t do that here. We don’t put a queen down. She doesn’t have what Gigi has, agreed. And that is amazing! That makes her her own kinda star. Can’t we just live for this a minute? Aren’t you glad that Read more

There’s at least two mini’s left, Reading and Puppets. There also tends to be more minis towards the end as there are fewer queens jostling for screentime.

Gigi is fun but slow your roll. Alaska will skin her alive before it ever gets close to that point.

Ru loves a project and often looks for that in someone that is seemingly vulnerable and/or finding themselves while in the competition because Ru knows genuine emotions make for good TV. It’s less ‘I want Crystal to win’ and more ‘I want to show people the positive impact I/the show has had on this performer so that Read more

You nailed Brita right here. There have been many Drag Race queens with delusions about their own talent and she’s firmly in this category. Which doesn’t mean she lacks talent, just that she has an overinflated sense of it. Like Derrick Barry, Alexis Michelle, and plenty of others, she does something well, is rightly Read more

Great review, just wanted to point out that Gigi’s runway look wasn’t just any “Girl Scout” look, but a glorious and loving reference to the all-time classic Troop Beverly Hills.