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3/16/21 1:27AM

I remember that. I just wasn’t sure why Gene was inside Blot’s gun (he wasn’t inside it when he went up again Magica), nor was it clear where Gene went when the gun broke.

3/16/21 1:13AM

I knew I forgot to mention something - that Gargoyles reference, and bringing in Keith David to voice, was the comic highlight of the finale for sure. I wasn’t a fan of Manny at all but that made it all worth it.

11/16/20 4:06PM

On Hulu it’s listed as the 30th episode of Season Two even though you’re 100% right. The note above in the piece is meant to clarify that.

11/16/20 4:02PM

It’s tricky to explore those quick skits in the Top Ten feature unfortunately, but you’re right - the snap-speed of a lot of these bits worked even if the actual gag inside them could be hit or miss. I ended weirdly liking the Andy Beeman-friend bits.

11/16/20 3:59PM

There’s one Chicken Boo that’s about 45-60 seconds longer than the norm and it absolutely ruins the absurd comedy of it. The rest of them have the perfect length.

11/16/20 3:43AM

Because this was also beyond the scope of this piece, here’s a DEFINITIVE review of all the skits this show has offered: Read more

8/25/20 12:25AM

The original show even HAD an episode where the PPG ended up in the “real world” and it very specifically was about the ridiculousness of even *thinking* about what a real world version with the PPG would look like (it’s a great episode, too).

7/16/20 11:41AM

I’m rewatching Last Airbender right now, and outside of a lot of “boys rules, girls drool” type storylines, the show has been quite confident of its core dynamic from episode two onward.

At least for me, most shows overall do have a clear dynamic or “interplay” among its main characters. It doesn’t have to be friendly Read more

5/03/20 11:55AM

When I say downfall - I mean it from his perspective. He was once Palpatine’s apprentice *and* the leader of the Shadow Collective, so even thought he’s villainous, he still lost a lot. It’s like a mob movie in that regard. They usually have a downfall of the mobster but, you know, he’s still out there killing folks.

4/28/20 3:02PM

To address this point brought up by this whole thread, and specifically this one - it’s not that I forgot about the concept of dramatic irony. In the aggregate, I think, it’s just doesn’t work for me. Sure, it’s dramatically tragic but also, I just am not drawn into Maul’s... head, so to speak. He’s villainous, but is Read more

4/22/20 5:10PM

Had the same thought. The Hollow - AKA Lost, but for kids - was a little nutty and a bit unrefined, but quite solid overall, and yet the ending kind of suggested it was one-and-done. I’m wildly curious what they have cooking for a season 2.

1/16/20 3:33PM

I was hoping someone would reference Rabbit Ears. Absolutely disturbing, hilarious, and excellent, all in one go.

1/15/20 4:03PM

As much as I understand the hate for OG Bad Boys, and as much as it’s a nonsense from an action-movie perspective, I can’t help but still think it’s one of the funniest goddamn movies I’ve ever seen. I still think about some of the gags and lines from the film even till this day.

1/15/20 1:54PM

Earthworm Jim is designed as a kind of absurd parody of 90s action-animals TV shows AND games, and it has some pretty comic concepts in the design and various villains you fight. The problem with the game and its sequel is that 1) it’s insanely hard and 2) Doug TenNapel is an absolute git.

1/13/20 9:35AM

Yeah I actually think the Warden has a lot of potential if they make his obsession and intensity to get what he wants “NO MATTER WHAT” a specific part of his villainous character. At this point in the pilot though it feels like a sudden heel-turn joke bit so they can have a bunch of “Eda’s bad at boyfriends” jokes at Read more