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Easily the highlight for me was the Gargoyles reference. Hopefully this is a sign that Disney’s ready to dust that particular IP back off after doing it so dirty the first time around. Read more

Peanuts was my childhood, and I cherish every bit of it—even those bits in the 70s when Schulz would get obsessed with tennis or golf for weeks on end. Personally, I have no problem with Snoopy-forward shows like this—there’s a melancholic strain to Peanuts, sure, but sometimes people talk about it like it was written Read more

I love this short film from the NFB in Canada, with Norman Mclaren animating jazz by Oscar Peterson.

They weren’t always so much about what he said as much as the delivery.

Chicken Boo is a blank canvas upon which the other characters project their hidden fears and deepest desires, successively idolizing and absorbing him. For the viewers his vacant stare and plaintive squawks echo our existence wherein we try to present a blank, assured facade while living in fear of it being revealed th Read more

So I met a woman in November 1993 and we hit it off rather quickly. I’d been recording Animaniacs each day on the VCR and watching after work. I told her about it and she was excited to finally see it. So she came over one day and I played that day’s episode for her, sight unseen. Turns out it was the one with all the Read more

I think the emperor is human and just wants to go home. That said, if he truly has no access to the portal, who wrote the letters to Luz mom? I would say Eda, but the letters seem “human”, speaking about mortgage and stuff. And letters that are signed “lus” scratched “luz”. How the hell did her mom not find it weird? Read more

I didn’t love how they undercut Eda’s big sacrifice almost right away by having Belos easily return her—what’s the right wordmind, or personality. Sure, she still had her creature body, but the truly scary part of the penultimate episode’s sacrifice was that Eda could be mentally “gone” with no coming back, for at Read more

I’m all for queer representation, but all we know right now is that Amity likes Luz, right? We don't know that Luz likes Amity.

I would definitely not say this more aimed for laughs and younger audiences than other shows like it. Honestly, there aren’t all too many jokes. It’s the characters, the secret codes, the mystery, the interesting premises, the visuals, it all keeps me coming back. The comedy is good, but it’s not a major factor in my Read more

As important as Eda’s curse is, it’s not the single most important plot thread, as the show handles them all. More episodes about Lillith and Eda would’ve been unnecessary, we understand it as-is and just because it’s more interesting to you doesn’t make it more important. It’s not wobbly if you understand everything Read more

I think one of the big reasons that this finale didn’t really feel like it hit the mark was because a lot of the big, holy shit payoff moments it intended were for things that hadn’t really been properly set up or fleshed out beforehand. A major running theme in the two-part finale is Luz and Eda’s relationship and Read more

just throwing out my theory, Belos is going to summon Bill. The showrunner worked on GF, alex hisch is a voice, there’s so much triangle imagery and the portal looks eerily similar to Ford’s. Hell, if Bill wanted to be summoned somewhere what better way than to convince a powerful witch he was the spirit of a dead Read more

I agree with basically everything in this review haha. There are so many good elements that make up the Owl House, from art and character design to the makings of an interesting macabre world building, but there’s something that’s felt lacking from the first episode. It feels to me that they go too light on world Read more

i had fun watching it but its like anything when you get too involved you start focusing on its flaws a bit too much. best to watch at a distance than get to close, at least for me since i do that a lot. like im already thinking that because owlhouse is so ship and character drama centric, that next season is just Read more

I am part of the LGBTQ+ community, and I find Lumity very meaningful and well-done.  I would be happy to discuss it here.

Very much enjoyed reading your reviews for this show! Tons of things I thought to myself while watching you episode you discussed more coherently than I ever could.