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4/29/18 10:54PM

Absolutely. Have to grade it on a curve to be fair to every other show.

2/06/18 5:41PM

And here I was thinking I was just offering up an exploratory reading of an intriguing thread within the show! Who knew it was actually a VERY SERIOUS manifesto and call for a revolution? I find that publishing those on pop culture website is absolutely the way to go.

11/16/17 9:39PM

Blame the people not reading any other reviews! Eyeballs matter. Not using an adblocker matters.

11/16/17 9:37PM

Hmmm, there’s definitely a full sentence in my draft. Weird. Perhaps this is just Kinja trying to slowly dissolve reviews of Modern Family. Thanks for the catch!

10/12/17 10:27PM

Or, reviews are subjective and things that work for some folks don’t work for other folks.

10/12/17 8:59PM

The best, most original comments are both gross while embracing the “this is still on?” commenting trope for shows you don’t watch. Classic stuff.

10/12/17 8:56PM

I’ll keep the words smaller next time around. I’d hate for you to fall behind.

10/11/17 11:05PM

We’re currently in 1990. I have no idea when the first use of that term was, but yeah, it feels seriously out of place here.

10/11/17 11:03PM

While it might be unfair to compare the two in terms of quality, I think it’s the show’s own fault. It’s clearly drawing that comparison on its own, and yet seems to have no real understanding of what made that show work so well. Falco is real good here, as she always is, but I’m struggling to maintain any interest Read more

10/06/17 12:23PM

I mean, there’s no real mention of his age at any point (as far as I know), but he seems to be in his early teens to me? In terms of look, I think Mazouz has matured a lot across four seasons, and the show is certainly writing him as much older than those first two seasons.

10/05/17 11:06PM

Kind of opposite sides of the fight right now, but the romantic tension never goes away. This seems to be their clear time apart after getting closer last season.

10/03/17 8:29PM

Perhaps that weekly coverage can still be found somewhere ;)

10/02/17 7:22PM

I wish I knew! I noticed it this morning too; editors and tech department have been informed and are trying to sort it out.

8/28/17 11:05AM

“You can make another one.” I mean, re-population is certainly the goal at some point in this world, so this seems like an apt statement. Cut your ties with the brat and get busy.

8/28/17 11:02AM

AVC definitely has folks working on getting everyone across the site ungreyed. Quite a lot to it, as you can imagine. But it is happening!