Lawrence Garcia

Not the best choice of words on my part there. I wanted to mention what the filmmaker herself is adamant about, which is that the delay of releasing funds to federal banks happened (though whether such action constitutes “manipulation of the federal budget” is debatable). Either way, it was clearly used as a flimsy Read more

Not at all; I generally like this kind of disjunctive style. But I also wanted to accurately calibrate a viewer’s expectations for what this is (and isn’t). Anyway, definitely worth seeing.

Re: PROTOTYPE. It’s an experimental 3-D film that premiered at Locarno and then played at TIFF and some other festivals. It got distribution with Grasshopper.

Not sure about the music poll, but with 10 voters here it’s definitely harder to get a film in the Top 25 without any support. And I know you weren’t Read more