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Les Chappell is a freelance writer based in Portland, Oregon. He drinks good whiskey and owns too many hats.

I’ve always wanted to know just a little more about Trev. What are his dreams in life? Who is he when he’s not cheering on Pesto’s terrible insult jokes?

1.Gene following up Die Hard the musical with Departed the musical is an amazing idea. Like Gene with Die Hard, I kept asking myself throughout Departed: “Why isn’t anyone singing? Why isn’t anyone dancing.?!” Read more

Thank you kindly, not just for the season finale review but also the mini reviews of the past two episodes (which I both agree with in their grades). Read more

After reading about the abandonment of Simpsons reviews, I immediately came here thinking “Not Bob’s not Bob’s not Bob’s” (but still read the entire review before reaching my answer). Let out a Teddy-like “Dammit!” at the end. Read more

My favorite part was that when it came down to it, it was Gilfoyle who trusted Dinesh to do the right thing.

Fun observation: Paige’s wedding dress is a replica of Katharine Hepburn’s from The Philadelphia Story. Another classic screwball comedy with mid-Atlantic accents.

The sixth season could consist solely of Zach Woods having sleep deprivation mental breakdowns and screaming abuse at strangers and I’d absolutely watch it.

Opening note: Alongside one of those Tesla semi-trucks you can see the Facebook logo flash into Russian characters for a moment.