Colin McGowan
11/20/19 10:28AM

Look you can love whatever game you want. Ive always held the opinion that other people’s negative opinions on things I like can shove it. Read more

9/25/19 10:24AM

The actual Tomsula Index is a list of businesses that will let you use their bathroom without having to buy anything. 

7/08/19 4:40PM

Domestically, Sanders and Warren are examples of more or less parallel evolution — while both currently espouse a European-style social democratic welfare state, they’ve come to that point from very different starting locations.
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6/12/19 12:46PM

I like this story because in a way it’s uniquely American. It’s about sporting excellence, pride in your accomplishments and not even pretending to understand the concept of moderation.

6/11/19 6:20PM

I’m okay with them scoring a pile of goals. Celebrating those goals with more than a fist bump after about 5-0 just means you’re a bit of a dick.

4/26/19 9:38AM

Long time Giants fan. Is it just me, or do Gettleman’s (and the Giants generally) justifications for doing things recently (like trading OBJ, picking Jones over Haskins) come off as racially coded? “Negative culture.” “Mature.” “Fiber.” Hmmmmmmmmmm. Like they get rid of Beckham for complaining that they lose too much Read more

4/03/19 2:16AM

This post and some of the comments aren’t quite right. Lightfoot got into the race because of her criminal justice reform credentials. She led a post-Laquan McDonald task force that laid bare the Chicago Police Department’s institutional racism, creating the blueprint for the federal Justice Department report that Read more

4/02/19 3:05PM

In the AAF, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The players who were suckered into wasting months of their life, and the owners who will somehow cash out and profit on an obvious disaster. These are their stories. Read more

3/19/19 4:55PM

It is extremely funny for Bill Simmons, who almost literally burned Grantland down on his way out the door while throwing a public tantrum & leaving unemployed journalists in his wake, to criticize Anthony Davis for making a simple trade request in private.

3/02/19 6:59PM

I grew up in Erie, and my father has been an executive board member at UE 506 for a long time. Before the strike stuff hit, I similarly worried about what impact Bernie would have on a crowded primary. But now I say, fuck it. This dude really gives a shit about something that really matters. Wabtec can absolutely make Read more